Buy With Not So Great Credit

Not So Great Credit?

If you have less than perfect credit and are wondering if you'd even qualify for a loan.... 1st things first ** Check with Local Lenders, and not "online companies". Many of the online companies, such as lending tree will run your credit dozens of times, sometimes bringing your scores down!

More than half that people that I have found homes for have had Not So Perfect credit. Things can change quickly with your life and your credit scores, but it's NOT a permanent problem. Over the last few months the credit guidelines for obtaining a mortgage have changed. Minimum credit requirements are now in the low 600s. If you're not quite at that level (but are close) sometimes there are a few quick fixes to your credit that can be done to help boost the scores enough so that you can qualify for a home loan. Call me at 249-6353 and I can direct you to my Topeka contact and her and I together will work hard to get you into a home!

How it will work     

It will only take about a 5 minute call to the lender to see if you'll qualify. Once you're ready to start shopping! Who knows, you might be able to be in the perfect home for you in a few weeks!

If you don't qualify at this time, you'll be given a list of the things you need to work on. NOTHING is hopeless if you put forth a little effort to get the issues fixed! You can start working NOW on your credit issues and be in a home by spring if you can't qualify right now!  Call me today to get on the right track to home ownership! I'm available 7 days a week at 785-249-6353! I look forward to working with you.

My Favorite Credit Tips From The Web:

1. Don't open several new accounts in a short period, especially if your history is less than 3 years. Adding accounts quickly sends up a red  flag that you might not be able to handle your credit responsibly.

2. Several credit inquiries during a short period means you are attempting to open  multiple new accounts, and that lowers your credit scores.

3. Pay off debt, don't move it around. Owing the same amounts, but having fewer  open accounts, can lower your score if you max out the accounts involved.

4. Forget the 10% Savings! At many stores you shop at, you're offered a 1 time discount if you sign up for a credit card. Just say No Thanks, don't put another ding on your credit score, and don't add another line of revolving credit that will also count against you. That instant $5-$20 savings may be tempting, but think long term!

5. Don't Be Afraid of Credit Counseling. Legitimate NON PROFIT companies can negotiate lower interest rates helping you get debt paid off much quicker. According to the website MSN Money, using a credit counselor will not lower your credit score.

6. NO CREDIT? If you have no credit....get some. Apply for a credit card...make a small purchase, and then make a couple monthly payments then pay it off. Use only when you can pay it off each month.