So you're thinking about venturing into the world of Homeownership? If you're going to be house hunting in the Topeka, KS area, I'd like to be YOUR Realtor! I've compiled a list of information that you as a buyer might find helpful if you're new to the home buying process.

The Steps You'll Take:
1. Get Pre-Approved From a Lender. The most important step is to find out how much you'll qualify for. Most people think that if they can AFFORD a certain payment, that the bank will just give them the $. Not true, Credit - Job History - Debt/Income Ratio are the major factors. The pre approval letter also holds alot of value when you find a home you like...without it, sellers will usually not even look at an offer. Once you get pre approved, those letters are usually good for 60-90 days. Call me today and I can direct you to the best local lenders for your situation. *Pre-Approval Advice: *      CHECK OUT THE LOCAL LENDERS! Some online mortgage companies pull your credit MULTIPLE times, bringing your scores down. Having a local person to talk to will make this process run much smoother. There is nothing worse than having problems with a loan, and all you get is someone is another states voicemail day after day! * ONCE  APPROVED....Make NO Major purchases, Don't Quit or Change Your job,     and don't do anything to change your credit scores (in a negative way) (ex:  late car or CC payments.) Your credit will checked again after the offer is accepted.
2. Find a REALTOR to Work FOR YOU! Realtors have access to the New Listings and Price Changes the day before it's made to the public. Active agents probably have been in several homes that you will be looking for and can direct you to the best homes that fit your needs. A Realtor who TRULY WORKS FOR YOU...calls YOU with the great listings and gets you in the day YOU WANT TO LOOK! I make sure that all my clients are the 1st to know of new listings and I work 7 days a week, and EVENINGS. When my buyers want to look at homes...I MAKE IT A PRIORITY!

3. WHEN YOU FIND THE PERFECT HOME! Once you find THAT home, you'll then present an offer. This is done via a written  contract. You'll offer your price, request any inspections you'd like and you'll decide on the EARNEST Money you'll put down. Earnest money, is typically $500 or $1000 depending on the house price. This shows the sellers you are a serious buyer! Earnest money is credited back to you the Buyer once you complete the transaction.

4. From The Time of the Offer Until Closing! When you "close" on a home, that is the final step to making it yours. Typically from the time you Make the Offer, until you Close will be anywhere from 3-5 weeks.

I'd like to put my real estate knowledge to work for YOU. One Last Thing..I act as a Buyer's Agent for my clients, representing their best interest and advising them thru the home buying process. Some agents only act as Transaction Brokers, in which a buyer gets no representation....there is no charge to have a Buyers Agent, so if you have questions regarding this, feel free to call me.

Ready to Begin Step 1 or Just have Questions? Call me at 249-6353 and I'll Help You on your way to Home Ownership! If you're looking to buy or sell a home in Topeka, or the surrounding communities, I'm here to help!

Got Questionable Credit? Please click here to view information on buying with Not So Perfect Credit!

Rachelle Peters, Realtor - Topeka Kansas Homes For Sale