Q. What fees do I pay as a seller. Do I have closing costs?    A. The typical fees that sellers have are: Title Insurance (based on price), Realtor Fees, Termite Inspection (approx. $100), overnight fee to pay off mortgage ($20-$40), and seller's share of property taxes to the date of closing. Those are standard seller fees, but in any real estate transaction a buyer can try to negotiate fees to be paid on their behalf.

Q. Do I pay for fees up front? A. NO. All fees in a real estate transaction, like the ones listed above, are deducted from your proceeds at the time of closing. Never pay a real estate agent commission or transaction fees up front, this is not standard practice. If a Realtor has asked you to do need to think twice before hiring that agent.

Q. My property taxes are current. Why would the title company deduct more?       A. Actually, property taxes are paid 6 months behind in Topeka. If you pay your taxes into the monthly'll have the deduction at closing taken from your proceeds, but then will get a REFUND from your escrow account about 20 days after closing (or your lender may deduct your escrow balance from the pay off amount - that is usually only the local banks in Topeka, KS that handle it that way). 

Q. What time of year is best to list my home? A. ANYTIME. If your home is priced right and in a hot price range your home will sell ANY time of year.  Most sellers assume the best time to list is in the spring....not true! It's not uncommon for January or February to be a great time to sell. Less inventory = less competition and a potential quick sale.

Q. Besides the commission do I also have to pay you to advertise my home? A. Absolutely not. The commission I am paid to sell a home covers everything from advertising expenses that I pay for, to the time spent holding open houses, designing the visual tour, websites and more. Some agents will charge an advertising fee, I've never done that, and never will.


The Benefits of using MY SERVICES as your agent

   EXPERIENCE! Not only am I one of the top selling agents in the Topeka area, I am also an active landlord, and a seasoned home flipper! Whether you are looking to make a house YOUR HOME, or turn a profit on a piece of property, my experience will be put to work for you. When you're thinking about buying or selling a home in Topeka, you can trust that my 10 plus years of experience will be to your benefit. I've sold homes for under $10,000 and over $300,000....there is no sale that I can't handle!

   FREQUENT COMMUNICATION.  I've heard of sellers who have had their homes listed with other agents and once the home was listed...they never had any communication or feedback in MONTHS. I make sure all my sellers are up to date on what's happening, what the comments were from my showings as well as other agents showings. After the open houses, you'll receive a call from me as well with a full update of how many couples came thru and what the overall comments were. I'm also always available.  Several real estate agents have voice mails that state....if you call after 7pm, I'll call you tomorrow.  WHAT? I don't operate that way, I'm always available to talk, and trust me, if you get an offer on your home at 7:01pm you'll hear from me THAT NIGHT :)

   EASY LISTING PLAN...SIT BACK AND RELAX. (Just keep it clean!)   There are many details other than the "sale" that go into a complete real estate transaction. As your agent, I will handle the setting up of showings and open houses, paperwork, arrange the closing, inspections and all other details to successfully get your home sold and closed. All I ask is that my sellers make the home available for showings and keep it nice and tidy.

   BRAND NAME RECOGNITION   Berkshire Hathaway First, Realtors is one of the most highly recognized and successful real estate companies in the Topeka area, formerly Prudential First Realtors. When our companies sign is in your yard, you can rest assured that you are listing with one of the top producing companies in Topeka.

If you're thinking about selling your home and have any questions, please call me. I would like the opportunity to work for YOU and become your favorite REALTOR! 

Rachelle Peters, REALTOR - Berkshire Hathaway First, REALTORS       785-249-6353